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Title Date
17th Sunday after Pentecost2013-09-15
Lent I2012-2-26
Last Sunday2013-11-24
6th Sunday after Epiphany2012-2-12
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost2015-09-13
First Sunday in Advent2014-11-30
2nd Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-02
18th Sunday after Pentecost2011-10-16
17th Sunday after Pentecost2012-9-23
2016-5-1 Sixth Sunday of Easter-doc
Advent 12011-11-27
Lent II2012-3-4
18th Sunday after Pentecost2012-9-30
Christmas I2013-12-29
Lent III2012-3-11
Lent V2012-3-25
Pentecost 212013-10-13
15th Sunday after Pentecost2012-9-9
Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost2015-09-20
Transfiguration of Our Lord2014-03-02
Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost2015-11-15
3rd Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-09
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost2016-6-26
Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost2015-10-18
16th Sunday after Pentecost2011-10-2
Advent 32011-12-11
2016-4-17 Fourth Sunday of Easter-doc
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost2016-7-10
Fourth Sunday in Lent2015-03-15
19th Sunday after Pentecost2014-10-19
Second Sunday after Christmas2016-1-3
19th Sunday after Pentecost2011-10-23
22nd Sunday after Pentecost2011-11-13
All Saints2011-11-6
Second Sunday after Epiphany2016-1-17
Third Sunday in Advent2015-12-13
18th Sunday after Pentecost2014-10-12
6th Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-30
Festival of St. Titus2014-01-26
Third Sunday in Lent2015-03-08
Fourth Sunday in Advent2014-12-21
16th Sunday after Pentecost2012-9-16
Sunday of the Passion2015-03-29
5th Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-23
4th Sunday after Epiphany2012-1-29
Second Sunday after Epiphany2014-01-19
Advent 22013-12-08
St. Michael and All Angels2011-9-25
Advent 32013-12-15
Festival of the Holy Trinity2016-5-22
2nd Sunday after Epiphany2012-1-15
Third Sunday after Pentecost2016-6-5
Second Sunday in Lent2015-03-01
Seventh Sunday after Epiphany2014-02-23
Second Sunday of Easter2016-4-3
13th Sunday after Pentecost2011-9-11
Lent II2014-03-16
2015-01-04 Second Sunday after Christmas-doc
Third Sunday after Epiphany2016-1-24
Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord-2016-2-7
Fourth Sunday of Easter2014-05-11
Pentecost 262013-11-17
Feast of the Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Our Lord2014-02-02
7th Sunday after Pentecost2013-07-07
2015-11-8-Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost-doc
Pentecost 202013-10-06
Advent 42011-12-18
2015-02-01 Fourth Sunday after Epiphany-doc
All Saints Day2015-11-01
Easter 62013-05-06
Fourth Sunday in Advent2015-12-20
Advent 22011-12-4
Lent V2014-04-06
Feast of Holy Innocents - Christmas 12014-12-28
Second Sunday in Advent2015-12-6
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost2015-10-04
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost2016-7-24
Fifth Sunday in Lent2016-3-13
Holy Trinity2013-05-26
Resurrection of Our Lord2014-04-20
11th Sunday after Pentecost2013-08-04
First Sunday after Epiphany2016-1-10
Christmas 12012-1-1
2015-01-25 Conversion of St- Paul-doc
First Sunday in Lent2016-2-14
Feast of All Saints2013-11-03
Palm Sunday2016-3-20
Pentecost 222013-10-20
18th Sunday after Pentecost2013-09-22
3rd Sunday after Epiphany2012-1-22
Third Sunday of Easter2014-05-4
2016-5-8 Seventh Sunday of Easter-doc
Easter Sunday2016-3-27
Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost2015-11-8
Rev 7.2-17, 1 Jn 3.1-3, Mt 5.1-12.Feast of All Saints (11-01-15)
Advent 42013-12-22
14th Sunday after Pentecost2011-9-18
2015-01-18 Confession of St- Peter-doc
Second Sunday in Lent2016-2-21
The Feast of Pentecost2016-5-15
Lent III2014-03-23
4th Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-16
Reformation Sunday2014-10-26
Baptism of our Lord2012-1-8
Fourth Sunday in Lent2016-3-6
5th Sunday after Epiphany2012-2-5
Lent I2014-03-09
Lent IV2012-3-18
Baptism of Our Lord2014-01-12
Feast of All Saints2014-11-02
Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost2015-10-11
Advent 12013-12-01
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost-12016-6-12
2015-01-12 Baptism of Our Lord-doc
First Sunday in the Church Year2015-11-29
First Sunday After Christmas2015-12-27
2016-4-24 Fifth Sunday of Easter-doc
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost2016-7-17
23rd Sunday after Pentecost2014-11-16
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost2016-6-19
Third Sunday in Lent2016-2-28
Fifth Sunday in Lent2015-03-22
5th Sunday after Epiphany2015-02-08
2015-02-15 Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord-doc
Second Sunday of Easter2014-04-27
Christmas II2014-01-05
Palm Sunday2014-04-13
Last Sunday after Pentecost2011-11-20
Second Sunday after Pentecost2016-5-29
Last Sunday in the Church Year2015-11-22
17th Sunday after Pentecost2011-10-9
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany2014-02-09
Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost2015-10-25
Second Sunday in Advent2014-12-7
First Sunday in Lent2015-02-22
Pentecost 252013-11-10