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Title Audio Text Occasion Date
Advent ILinkMk 11.1-10Advent 11-27-11
Advent ILinkMt 21.1-11Advent 11-28-10
Advent IINoneMk 1.1-8Advent 12-4-11
Advent IINoneMt 3.1-11Advent 12-5-10
Advent IIINoneMt 11.2-15Advent 12-12-10
Advent IIINoneJn 1.6-8, 19-28Advent 12-11-11
Advent IVNoneLk 1.26-38Advent 12-18-11
Advent IVLinkMt 1.18-25Advent 12-19-10
Advent-II-Grace-Trinity (12.5.10)_Mt-3.1-11NoneMt-3.1-11Advent-II-Grace-Trinity 12-5-10
Advent-III-Grace (12.12.10)_Mt-11.2-15NoneMt-11.2-15Advent-III-Grace 12-12-10
Ash WednesdayNonePs 6Ash Wednesday2-22-12
Ash WednesdayNoneTen CommandmentsAsh Wednesday3-9-11
Ash-Wednesday-Grace-Trinity (3.9.11)_10-CommandmentsNone10-CommandmentsAsh-Wednesday-Grace-Trinity 3-9-11
Baptism of our LordNoneMk 1.4-11Baptism of our Lord1-08-12
Baptism of our LordLinkMt 3.13-17Baptism of our Lord1-16-11
Christmas DayLinkJn 1.1-18Christmas Day12-25-10
Christmas DayNoneJn 1.1-18Christmas Day12-25-11
Christmas EveNoneMt 1.18-25Christmas Eve12-24-11
Christmas INoneLk 2.22-40Christmas 1-1-12
Christmas ILinkMt 2.13-23Christmas 12-26-10
Christmas IILinkLk 2.40-52Christmas 1-2-11
Christmas MidnightLinkLk 2.1-20Christmas Midnight12-24-10
Circumcision and Name of ChristLinkLk 2.21Circumcision and Name of Christ12-31-10
Circumcision and Name of ChristNoneLk 2.21Circumcision and Name of Christ1-1-12
Commemoration of St. EnochNoneGen 5.18-25Commemoration of St. Enoch1-3-12
Easter 2LinkJn 20.19-31Easter 5-1-11
Easter 3LinkLk 24.13-35Easter 5-8-11
Easter 4LinkJn 10.11-18Easter 4-29-12
Easter 4LinkJn 10.1-10Easter 5-15-11
Easter 5NoneJn 15.1-8Easter 5-06-12
Easter 5LinkJn 14.1-14Easter 5-22-11
Easter 6LinkJn 15.9-17Easter 5-13-12
Easter 6LinkJn 14.15-21Easter 5-29-11
Easter 7LinkJn 17.11-19Easter 5-20-12
Easter 7LinkJn 17.1-11Easter 6-5-11
Easter SundayNoneMt 28.1-10Easter Sunday4-24-11
Easter SundayLinkMk 16.1-8Easter Sunday4-8-12
Easter VigilLinkMk 16.1-8Easter 4-23-11
Epiphany 2NoneJn 1.43-52Epiphany 1-15-12
Epiphany 2NoneJn 2 (Formatted)Epiphany 1-17-09
Epiphany 3NoneMk 1.14-20Epiphany 1-22-12
Epiphany 3LinkMt 4.12-25Epiphany 1-23-11
Epiphany 4LinkMicah 6.1-8, Mt 5.1-12Epiphany 1-30-11
Epiphany 4NoneMk 1.21-28Epiphany 1-29-12
Epiphany 5NoneMk 1.29-39Epiphany 2-5-12
Epiphany 5NoneMt 5.13-20Epiphany 2-6-11
Epiphany 6NoneMk 1.40-45Epiphany 2-12-12
Epiphany 6LinkMt 5.21-37Epiphany 2-13-11
Epiphany 7LinkMt 5.38-48Epiphany 2-20-11
EpiphanyLinkMt 2.1-12Epiphany1-9-11
EpiphanyNoneMt 2.1-12Epiphany1-6-12
Feast of All SaintsNoneRev 7.9-16Feast of All Saints11-6-11
Feast of All SaintsLinkMt 5.1-12Feast of All Saints11-7-10
Feast of All SaintsLinkMt-5.1-12Feast of All Saints11-7-10
Feast of Holy TrinityLinkGen 1.1-2.4Feast of Holy Trinity6-19-11
Feast of Holy TrinityLinkJn 3.1-17Feast of Holy Trinity6-3-12
Feast of Pentecost (Rocky Farewell)NoneJn 15.26-27, 16.4b-15Feast of Pentecost (Rocky Farewell)5-27-12
Feast of Pentecost Rocky FarewellNoneJn 15.26-27, 16.4b-15Feast of Pentecost Rocky Farewell5-27-12
Feast of Pentecost-ConfirmationLinkNum 11.24-30Feast of Pentecost-Confirmation6-12-11
Feast of St. Michael and All AngelsLinkDan 10.11-14Feast of St. Michael and All Angels9-25-11
Feast of St. Michael and All AngelsLinkLk 10.17-20Feast of St. Michael and All Angels10-3-10
Feast of St. Michael and All AngelsNoneLk-10.17-20Feast of St. Michael and All Angels10-3-12
Feast of the Baptism of our LordLinkMt 3.13-17Feast of the Baptism of our Lord1-16-11
Feast of the Nativity of St. John the BaptistLinkLk 1.57-80Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist6-24-12
Festival of the Reformation Faith Derby (10.31.10)_Ap.-IV.45-46LinkAp.-IV.45-46Festival of the Reformation Faith Derby 10-31-10
Festival of the ReformationLinkAp. IV.45-46Festival of the Reformation10-31-10
Festival of the ReformationLinkMt 11.12-19Festival of the Reformation10-28-12
Festival of the ReformationNoneRev 14.6-7Festival of the Reformation10-30-11
Festival of the ReformationLinkJn 8.31-36Festival of the Reformation10-31-10
Good FridayLinkJn 18-19Good Friday4-22-11
Good FridayLinkJn 18-19Good Friday4-6-12
LWML Rally (10.23.10)_Jn 4LinkJn 4LWML Rally (10.23.10)_Jn 10-23-10
Lent 1NoneMk 1.9-15Lent 2-26-12
Lent 1LinkMt 4.1-11Lent 3-13-11
Lent 1LinkMt-4.1-11Lent 3-13-11
Lent 2LinkJn 3.1-17Lent 3-20-11
Lent 2LinkMk 8.27-38Lent 3-4-12
Lent 3LinkJn 2.13-22Lent 3-11-12
Lent 3LinkJn 4.5-26Lent 3-27-11
Lent 4LinkJn 9.1-41Lent 4-3-11
Lent 4NoneJn 3.14-19Lent 3-18-12
Lent 5NoneMk 10.35-45Lent 3-25-12
Lent 5LinkJn 11.1-45Lent 4-10-11
Lent-2-Grace (3.20.11)_Jn-3.1-17LinkJn-3.1-17Lent-2-Grace 3-20-11
Maundy ThursdayLinkJn 13.1-17,31-35Maundy Thursday4-21-11
Mid-Advent ILinkGen 12Mid-Advent 11-28-10
Mid-Advent INoneSavior of the Nations, ComeMid-Advent 11-30-11
Mid-Advent IILinkGen 45.1-15Mid-Advent 12-8-10
Mid-Advent IIINoneExod 3.1-15Mid-Advent 12-15-10
Mid-Advent IVNoneO Come, O Come, EmmanuelMid-Advent 12-21-11
Mid-Advent IVNone2 Sam 5.1-10Mid-Advent 12-22-10
Mid-Advent-II-Grace (12.8.10)_Gen-45.1-15LinkGen-45.1-15Mid-Advent-II-Grace 12-8-10
Midweek Lent IINonePs 38Midweek Lent 3-7-12
Midweek Lent VNonePs 143Midweek Lent 3-28-12
Midweek LentNoneLord's PrayerMidweek Lent3-23-11
Midweek LentLinkConfession and AbsolutionMidweek Lent4-6-11
Midweek-Lent-Grace-Trinity (3.23.11)_Lords-PrayerNoneLords-PrayerMidweek-Lent-Grace-Trinity 3-23-11
Palm SundayLinkJn 12.12-19Palm Sunday4-17-11
Pentecost 10LinkJn 6.22-35Pentecost 8-5-12
Pentecost 11LinkJn 6.35-51Pentecost 8-12-12
Pentecost 12LinkJn 6.51-69Pentecost 8-19-12
Pentecost 13LinkMk 7.1-13Pentecost 8-26-12
Pentecost 14LinkMk 7.14-23Pentecost 9-2-12
Pentecost 15LinkMk 7.24-37Pentecost 9-9-12
Pentecost 17LinkMk 9.30-37Pentecost 9-23-12
Pentecost 19NoneMk 10.2-16Pentecost 10-07-12
Pentecost 2LinkMk 3.20-35Pentecost 6-10-12
Pentecost 20LinkMk 10.17-23Pentecost 10-14-12
Pentecost 20NoneLk-17Pentecost 10-10-11
Pentecost 21LinkMk 10.23-31Pentecost 10-21-12
Pentecost 3LinkMk 4.26-34Pentecost 6-17-12
Pentecost 7LinkAmos 7.11-15Pentecost 7-15-12
Pentecost 8LinkMk 6.30-44Pentecost 7-22-12
Pentecost 9LinkMk 6.45-56Pentecost 7-29-12
Pre-Lent MatinsNoneMk 15.42-47Pre-Lent Matins1-25-12
Saints Alive after 55 (7.24.12)_Mt 6.19-24NoneMt 6.19-24Saints Alive after 55 (7.24.12)_Mt 7-24-12
Thanksgiving EveNoneLk 17.11-19Thanksgiving Eve11-23-11
Thanksgiving EveNoneDeut 8.1-10Thanksgiving Eve11-24-10
Transfiguration of Our LordLinkMt 17.1-9Transfiguration of Our Lord3-6-11
TransfigurationNoneMk 9.2-9Transfiguration2-19-12
Advent ILinkLk 19.28-40Advent 12-2-12
Pentecost 26 - Last SundayLinkMk 13.24-37Pentecost 11-25-12
Pentecost 26 - Last SundayLinkMk 13.24-37Pentecost 11-25-12
Thanksgiving EveLinkPhp 4.6-20Thanksgiving Eve11-21-12
Pentecost 25LinkMk 13.1-13Pentecost 11-18-12
Pentecost 24LinkMk 12.38-44Pentecost 11-11-12
Feast of All SaintsLinkRev 7.2-17Feast of All Saints11-4-12
Midweek Advent ILinkCol 1.15-20Midweek Advent 12-5-12
Advent IILinkLk 3.1-20Advent 12-9-12
Mid-Advent IILinkMt 24.29-31Mid-Advent 12-12-12
Advent IIILinkLk 7.18-35Advent 12-16-12
Mid-Advent IIILinkExod 3.1-12Mid-Advent 12-19-12
Advent IVLinkLk 1.39-56Advent 12-23-12
Christmas EveLinkLk 2.1-20Christmas Eve12-24-12
Christmas DayNoneJn 1.1-18Christmas Day12-25-12
Christmas ILinkLk 2.22-40Christmas 12-30-12
Eve of the Circumcision of JesusLinkLk 2.21Eve of the Circumcision of Jesus12-31-12
EpiphanyLinkIsa 60.1-6Epiphany1-6-13
Baptism of our LordLinkLk 3.15-22Baptism of our Lord1-13-13
Epiphany 2LinkJn 2.1-11Epiphany 1-20-13
Epiphany 3LinkLk 4.16-30Epiphany 1-27-13
Epiphany 4LinkLk 4.31-44Epiphany 2-3-13
Transfiguration of Our LordLinkLk 9.28-36Transfiguration of Our Lord2-10-13
Ash WednesdayLink10 WordsAsh Wednesday2-13-13
Lent 1LinkLk 4.1-13Lent 2-17-13
Midweek Lent ILinkCreedMidweek Lent 2-20-13
Lent 2LinkLk 13.31-35Lent 2-24-13
Midweek Lent IIILinkHoly BaptismMidweek Lent 3-6-13
Advent ILinkMk 11.1-10Advent 11-27-11
Advent ILinkMk 11.1-10Advent 11-27-11
Lent 4LinkLk 15.1-3, 11-32Lent 3-10-13
Midweek Lent IVLinkHoly AbsolutionMidweek Lent 3-13-13
Lent 5LinkLk 20.9-20Lent 3-17-13
Lent 5LinkLk 20.9-20Lent 3-17-13
Palm SundayLinkJn 12.12-19Palm Sunday3-24-13
Holy MondayLinkMt 26-27Holy Monday3-25-13
Holy TuesdayLinkMk 14-15Holy Tuesday3-26-13
Holy WednesdayLinkLk 22-23Holy Wednesday3-27-13
Maundy ThursdayLinkLk 22.7-20Maundy Thursday3-28-13
Good FridayLinkJn 18-19Good Friday3-29-13
Easter VigilLinkJn 20.1-18Easter 3-30-13
EasterLinkJn 20.1-18Easter3-31-13
Easter 2LinkJn 20.19-31Easter 4-07-13
Easter 3LinkJn 21.1-19Easter 4-14-13
Easter 4LinkJn 10.22-30Easter 4-21-13
Easter 5LinkJn 16.12-22Easter 4-28-13
Easter 6LinkJn 16.23-33Easter 5-05-13
Feast of PentecostNoneJn 14.23-31Feast of Pentecost5-19-13
Festival of the Holy TrinityLinkProv 8.22-31Festival of the Holy Trinity5-26-13
Pentecost 2Link1 Ki 8.22-43Pentecost6-2-13
Pentecost 2Link1 Ki 8.22-43Pentecost 6-02-13
Pentecost 3Link1 Ki 17.17-24Pentecost 6-09-13
Pentecost 4Link2 Sam 11-12Pentecost 6-16-13
Pentecost 5LinkLk 8.26-39Pentecost 6-23-13
Pentecost 6LinkLk 9.51-62Pentecost 6-30-13
Pentecost 7LinkLk 10.1-20Pentecost 7-07-13
Pentecost 8LinkLk 10.25-37Pentecost 7-14-13
Pentecost 10LinkLk 11.1-13Pentecost 7-28-13
Pentecost 11LinkLk 12.13-21Pentecost 8-04-13
Pentecost 12LinkLk 12.22-40Pentecost 8-11-13
Pentecost 13LinkLk 12.49-56Pentecost 8-18-13
Pentecost 14LinkLk 13.22-30Pentecost 8-25-13
Pentecost 15LinkLk 14.1-14Pentecost 9-01-13
Pentecost 16LinkLk 14.25-35Pentecost 9-08-13
Pentecost 17LinkLk 15.1-10Pentecost 9-15-13
Pentecost 18LinkLk 16.1-15Pentecost 9-22-13
Pentecost 20LinkHab 1.1-4, 2.1-4, Lk 17.1-10Pentecost 10-6-13
Pentecost 21LinkRuth 1.1-19, Lk 17.11-19Pentecost 10-13-13
Pentecost 22LinkGen 32.22-30, Lk 18.1-8Pentecost 10-20-13
Festival of the ReformationLinkMt 11.12-19Festival of the Reformation10-27-13
Feast of All SaintsLinkRev 7.2-17, Mt 5.1-12Feast of All Saints11-3-13
Reformation FestivalLinkRom 3:19-28Reformation Festival11-1-13
Pentecost 25LinkExod 3.1-15, Lk 20.27-40Pentecost 11-10-13
Pentecost 26LinkMal 4.1-6, Lk 21.5-36Pentecost 11-17-13
Pentecost 27-Last SundayLinkLk 23.27-43Pentecost 27-Last Sunday11-24-13
Advent ILinkRom 13.8-14Advent 12-01-13
Mid-Advent ILinkIsa 2.1-5Mid-Advent 12-04-13
Advent IILinkRom 15.4-13Advent 12-08-13
Mid-Advent IILinkIsa 11.1-10Mid-Advent 12-11-13
Debt-RetirementLinkPs 127, Eph 2.8-21, Mt 18.21-35Debt-Retirement12-14-13
Advent IIILinkJames 5.7-11Advent 12-15-13
Mid-Advent IIILinkIsa 35.1-10Mid-Advent 12-18-13
Advent IVLinkRom 1.1-7Advent 12-22-13
Christmas EveLinkLk 2.1-20Christmas Eve12-24-13
Christmas ILinkGal 4.4-7, Mt 2.13-23Christmas 12-29-13
Christmas IILinkEph 1.3-14Christmas 1-05-14
Baptism of our LordLinkRom 6.1-11, Mt 3.13-17Baptism of our Lord1-12-14
Epiphany 2LinkJn 1.29-42aEpiphany 1-19-14
Feast of the Purification of Mary and Presentation of Our LordLinkLk 2.22-40Feast of the Purification of Mary and Presentation of Our Lord2-02-14
Epiphany 5LinkMt 5.13-20Epiphany 2-09-14
Epiphany 7LinkLev 19.1-2, 9-18, Mt 5.38-48Epiphany 2-23-14
Transfiguration of Our LordLinkExod 24.8-18, 2 Pet 1.16-21, Mt 17.1-9Transfiguration of Our Lord3-02-14
Lent 1LinkMt 4.1-11 (Brockman)Lent 3-09-14
Midweek Lent ILinkCreedMidweek Lent 3-12-14
Lent 2LinkGen 12.1-9, Rom 4.1-8, 13-17, Jn 3.1-17Lent 3-16-14
Lent 3LinkExod 17.1-7, Rom 5.1-8, Jn 4.5-30,39-42Lent 3-23-14
Midweek Lent IIILinkHoly BaptismMidweek Lent 3-26-14
Lent IVLinkJn 9.1-41 (Brockman)Lent 3-30-14
Midweek Lent IVLinkHoly AbsolutionMidweek Lent 4-2-14
Lent 5LinkEzek 37.1-14, Jn 11.1-53Lent 4-06-14
Palm SundayLinkSt. Matthew Passion (Brockman)Palm Sunday4-13-14
Maundy ThursdayLink1 Cor 11.23-32, Jn 13.1-17, 31-35Maundy Thursday4-17-14
Good FridayNoneIsa 52-53Good Friday4-18-14
Easter SundayLinkCol 3.1-4Easter Sunday4-20-14
Easter 2LinkJn 21.19-31Easter 4-27-14
Easter 3LinkLk 24.13-35Easter 5-04-14
Easter 4LinkJn 10.1-10Easter 5-11-14
Easter 5LinkJn 14.1-14Easter 5-22-11
Easter 5LinkJn 14.1-14Easter 5-18-14
second sunday after PentecostLinkMatthew 10:5, 21-33second sunday after Pentecost6-22-14
Feast of St. Peter and St. PaulLinkMatthew 16:1319Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul6-29-04
July 6 sermonLinkRomans 7:1425aJuly 6 sermon07-06-2014
04132014 Pentecost VLinkMatthew 13:19, 182304132014 Pentecost 07-13-2014
08202014 Pentecost VILinkMatthew 13:2430, 364308202014 Pentecost 08-20-14
08032010 eight Sunday of PenticostLinkMatthew 14:13-21Eight Sunday of Penticost8-3-14
Pentecost 9LinkMatthew 14:22-33Pentecost 9th08/10/14
08172014 PentecostLinkMt. 15:28 Pentecost 20148-17-2014
St. BartholomewLinkLuke 22:24-30 St. Bartholomew8-24-2014
Homily for John Zumalt (8.29.14)_Rom 1.16LinkRom 1.16Homily for John Zumalt (8.29.14)_Rom 8-29-14
Pentecost 12LinkMt 16.21-28Pentecost 8-31-14
Pentecost 13LinkMt 18.1-20Pentecost 9-07-14
Homily for Joshua Wattman (09.05.14)_1 Ki 17.17-24Link1 Ki 17.17-24Homily for Joshua Wattman (09.05.14)_1 Ki 09-05-14
Fesitval of the Holy CrossLinkJn 12.20-33Fesitval of the Holy Cross9-14-14
Feast of St. MatthewLinkMt 9.9 (BROCKMAN)Feast of St. Matthew9-21-14
Pentecost 17LinkMt 21.33-46Pentecost 10-05-14
Pentecost 18LinkMt 22.1-14Pentecost 10-12-14
Pentecost 19LinkMt 22.15-22Pentecost 10-19-14
Festival of the ReformationLinkRom 3.19-28Festival of the Reformation10-26-14
Feast of All SaintsLinkRev 7.2-17, Mt 5.1-12Feast of All Saints11-2-14
Pentecost 22LinkMt 25.1-13Pentecost 11-9-14
Pentecost 23LinkMt 25.14-30Pentecost 11-16-14
Last SundayLinkMt 25.31-46Last Sunday11-23-14
Thanksgiving EveLinkLk 17.11-19Thanksgiving Eve11-26-14
Advent ILinkMk 11.1-10Advent 11-30-14
Advent IILinkMk 1.1-8Advent 12-7-14
Advent IVLink2 Sam 7.1-11, 16, Lk 1.26-38Advent 12-21-14
1st Sunday after Christmas (12.28.14)_Lk 2.22-40.NoneLk 2.22-40.1st Sunday after Christmas (12.28.14)_Lk 12-28-14
Feast of the Circumcision and Naming of Jesus (12.31.14)_Num 6.23-27NoneNum 6.23-27, Lk 2.21.Feast of the Circumcision and Naming of Jesus (12.31.14)_Num 12-31-14
Feast of the Epiphany (01.06.15)_Mt 2.1-12.NoneMt 2.1-12.Feast of the Epiphany (01.06.15)_Mt 01-06-15
Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord (01.11.15)_Mk 1.4-11.NoneMk 1.4-11.Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord (01.11.15)_Mk 01-11-15
Festival of the Confession of St. Peter (01.18.15)_Acts 4.8-13NoneActs 4.8-13, 2 Pet 1.1-15, Mk 8.27-9.1.Festival of the Confession of St. Peter (01.18.15)_Acts 01-18-15
Festival of the Conversion of St. Paul (01.25.15)_Acts 9.1-22NoneActs 9.1-22, Gal 1.11-24, Mt 19.27-30.Festival of the Conversion of St. Paul (01.25.15)_Acts 01-25-15
Epiphany 5 (02.08.15)_Isa 40.21-31. Mk 1.29-34.LinkIsa 40.21-31. Mk 1.29-34.Epiphany 5 (02.08.15)_Isa 40.21-31. Mk 02-08-15
Epiphany 4 (02.01.15)_Deut 18.15-20LinkDeut 18.15-20, Mk 1.21-28.Epiphany 4 (02.01.15)_Deut 02-01-15
Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (02.15.15)_Exod 34.29-35LinkExod 34.29-35, Mk 9.2-9.Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (02.15.15)_Exod 02-15-15
Lent II (03.01.15)_Mark 8.27 (Brockman).LinkMark 8.27 (Brockman).Lent II (03.01.15)_Mark 8.27 (Brockman).03-01-15
Lent III (03.08.15)_Jn 2 (Brockman).NoneJn 2 (Brockman).Lent III (03.08.15)_Jn 2 (Brockman).03-08-15
Midweek Lent II (03.04.15)_Lords Prayer.LinkLords Prayer.Midweek Lent II (03.04.15)_Lords Prayer.03-04-15
Midweek Lent III (03.11.15)_Baptism.LinkBaptism.Midweek Lent III 03-11-15
Lent IV (03.15.15)_Num 21.4-7LinkNum 21.4-7, Eph 2.1-10, Jn 3.14-21.Lent IV (03.15.15)_Num 03-15-15
Midweek Lent IV (03.18.15)_Absolution.LinkAbsolution.Midweek Lent IV 03-18-15
Palm Sunday (03.29.15)_Jn 12.12-19LinkJn 12.12-19, Zech 9.9-12, Php 2.5-11, Mk 14-15.Palm Sunday (03.29.15)_Jn 03-29-15
Palm Sunday (03.29.15)_Jn 12.12-19LinkJn 12.12-19, Zech 9.9-12, Php 2.5-11, Mk 14-15.Palm Sunday (03.29.15)_Jn 03-29-15
Holy Monday (03.30.15)_Isa 50.5-10LinkIsa 50.5-10, Heb 9.11-15, Mt 26-27.Holy Monday (03.30.15)_Isa 03-30-15
Holy Tuesday (03.31.15)_Isa 49LinkIsa 49, 1 Cor 1, Mk 14-15.Holy Tuesday (03.31.15)_Isa 03-31-15
Midweek Lent V (03.25.15)_Communion.LinkCommunion.Midweek Lent V 03-25-15
Holy Thursday (04.02.15)_Exod 24.3-11LinkExod 24.3-11, 1 Cor 10.16-17, Mk 14.12-26.Holy Thursday (04.02.15)_Exod 04-02-15
Holy Wednesday (04.01.15)_Isa 62.11-63.7LinkIsa 62.11-63.7, Rom 5.6-11, Lk 22-23.Holy Wednesday (04.01.15)_Isa 04-01-15
Good Friday (04.03.15)_Isa 52.13-53.12LinkIsa 52.13-53.12, Heb 4.14-16, 5.7-9, Jn 18-19.Good Friday (04.03.15)_Isa 04-03-15
Good Friday (04.03.15)_Isa 52.13-53.12LinkIsa 52.13-53.12, Heb 4.14-16, 5.7-9, Jn 18-19 (Brockman).Good Friday (04.03.15)_Isa 04-03-15
Good Friday (04.03.15)_Isa 52.13-53.12LinkIsa 52.13-53.12, Heb 4.14-16, 5.7-9, Jn 18-19.Good Friday (04.03.15)_Isa 04-03-15
Easter (04.05.15)_Exod 14LinkExod 14, Mk 16.1-8.Easter (04.05.15)_Exod 04-05-15
Easter 2 (04.12.15)_Acts 4.32-35LinkActs 4.32-35, 1 Jn 1.1-2.2, Jn 20.19-31.Easter 2 (04.12.15)_Acts 04-12-15
Easter 3 (04.19.15)_Acts 3.11-21LinkActs 3.11-21, 1 Jn 3.1-7, Lk 24.36-49.Easter 3 (04.19.15)_Acts 04-19-15
Festival of St. Mark (04.25.15)_Pastor Peter Lange.LinkPastor Peter Lange.Festival of St. Mark (04.25.15)_Pastor Peter Lange.04-25-15
Easter 4 (04.26.15)_Jn 10.11-18 (Kantor Richard Resch).LinkJn 10.11-18 (Kantor Richard Resch).Easter 4 (04.26.15)_Jn 10.11-18 (Kantor Richard Resch).04-26-15
Easter 5 (05.03.15)_Acts 8.26-40LinkActs 8.26-40, 1 Jn 4.1-21, Jn 15.1-8.Easter 5 (05.03.15)_Acts 05-03-15
Easter 6 (05.10.15)_1 Jn 5.1-8.Link1 Jn 5.1-8.Easter 6 (05.10.15)_1 Jn 05-10-15
Feast of the Ascension of Christ (05.14.15)_Acts 1.1-11NoneActs 1.1-11, Eph 1.15-23, Lk 24.44-53.Feast of the Ascension of Christ (05.14.15)_Acts 05-14-15
Easter 7 (05.17.15)_Jn 17.11-19.LinkJn 17.11-19.Easter 7 (05.17.15)_Jn 05-17-15
Feast of Pentecost (05.24.15)_Ezek 37.1-14LinkEzek 37.1-14, Acts 2.1-21, Jn 15.26-27, 16.4-15.Feast of Pentecost (05.24.15)_Ezek 05-24-15
Feast of the Holy Trinity (05.31.15)_Isa 6.1-8LinkIsa 6.1-8, Acts 2.14, 22-36, Jn 3.1-17.Feast of the Holy Trinity (05.31.15)_Isa 05-31-15
Pentecost 3 (06.14.15)_Ezek 17.22-24NoneEzek 17.22-24, Mk 4.26-34.Pentecost 3 (06.14.15)_Ezek 06-14-15
Pentecost 4 (06.21.15)_Mk 4.35-46.NoneMk 4.35-46.Pentecost 4 (06.21.15)_Mk 06-21-15
Pentecost 6 (07.05.15)_Mk 6.1-13.NoneMk 6.1-13.Pentecost 6 (07.05.15)_Mk 07-05-15
Pentecost 7 (07.12.15)_Mk 6.14-29.NoneMk 6.14-29.Pentecost 7 (07.12.15)_Mk 07-12-15
Pentecost 9 (07.26.15)_Gen 9.8-17NoneGen 9.8-17, Mk 6.45-56.Pentecost 9 (07.26.15)_Gen 07-26-15
Pentecost 11 (08.09.15)_1 Ki 19.1-8None1 Ki 19.1-8, Jn 6.35-51.Pentecost 11 (08.09.15)_1 Ki 08-09-15
Pentecost 13 (08.23.15)_Isa 29.11-19LinkIsa 29.11-19, Eph 5.22-33, Mk 7.1-13.Pentecost 13 (08.23.15)_Isa 08-23-15
Feast of the Ascension of Christ (05.14.15)_Acts 1.1-11NoneActs 1.1-11, Eph 1.15-23, Lk 24.44-53.Feast of the Ascension of Christ (05.14.15)_Acts 05-14-15
Feast of the Visitation (06.3.15)_Lk 1.39-56.NoneLk 1.39-56.Feast of the Visitation (06.3.15)_Lk 06-3-15
Festival of St. Mary Magdalene (07.22.15)_Prov 31.10-31NoneProv 31.10-31, Jn 20.1-2, 11-18.Festival of St. Mary Magdalene (07.22.15)_Prov 07-22-15
Pentecost 13 (08.23.15)_Isa 29.11-19LinkIsa 29.11-19, Eph 5.22-33, Mk 7.1-13.Pentecost 13 (08.23.15)_Isa 08-23-15
Pentecost 14 (08.30.15)_Mk 7.14-23.LinkMk 7.14-23.Pentecost 14 (08.30.15)_Mk 08-30-15
Pentecost 15 (09.06.15)_Mk 7.24-37.LinkMk 7.24-37.Pentecost 15 (09.06.15)_Mk 09-06-15
Pentecost 16 (09.13.15)_Isa 50.4-10LinkIsa 50.4-10, Jam 3.1-12, Mk 9.14-29.Pentecost 16 (09.13.15)_Isa 09-13-15
Pentecost 17 (09.20.15)_Mark 9.35 (BROCKMAN).LinkMark 9.35 (BROCKMAN).Pentecost 17 (09.20.15)_Mark 9.35 (BROCKMAN).09-20-15
Pentecost 19 (10.04.15)_Gen 2.18-25LinkGen 2.18-25, Mark 10.2-16.Pentecost 19 (10.04.15)_Gen 10-04-15
Pentecost 20 (10.11.15)_Mark 10.17-22.LinkMark 10.17-22.Pentecost 20 (10.11.15)_Mark 10-11-15
Feast of St. Luke (10.18.15)_Lk 10.1-9.LinkLk 10.1-9.Feast of St. Luke (10.18.15)_Lk 10-18-15
Pentecost 22 (10.25.15)_Mark 10.46-52.LinkMark 10.46-52.Pentecost 22 (10.25.15)_Mark 10-25-15
Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude (10.28.15).LinkFeast of Sts. Simon and Jude 10-28-15
Feast of All Saints (11.01.15)_Rev 7.2-17LinkRev 7.2-17, 1 Jn 3.1-3, Mt 5.1-12.Feast of All Saints (11.01.15)_Rev 11-01-15
Pentecost 24 (11.08.15)_Mark 12.38-44.LinkMark 12.38-44.Pentecost 24 (11.08.15)_Mark 11-08-15
Pentecost 25 (11.15.15)_Mark 13.1-13.LinkMark 13.1-13.Pentecost 25 (11.15.15)_Mark 11-15-15
Midweek Advent II (12.09.15)_Ps 24.1-6LinkPs 24.1-6, Lk 2.29-32.Midweek Advent II (12.09.15)_Ps 12-09-15
Advent III (12.13.15)_Zeph 3.14-20LinkZeph 3.14-20, Php 4.4-7, Lk 7.18-35.Advent III (12.13.15)_Zeph 12-13-15
Advent IV (12.20.15)_Mic 5.2-5LinkMic 5.2-5, Heb 10.5-10, Lk 1.39-56.Advent IV (12.20.15)_Mic 12-20-15
Midweek Advent IV (12.23.15)_O Come O Come Emmanuel.LinkO Come O Come Emmanuel.Midweek Advent IV (12.23.15)_O Come O Come Emmanuel.12-23-15
Christmas Eve (12.24.15)_Midnight Mass.LinkMidnight Mass.Christmas Eve (12.24.15)_Midnight Mass.12-24-15
Christmas I (12.27.15)_Lk 2.22-40.LinkLk 2.22-40.Christmas I (12.27.15)_Lk 12-27-15
Christmas Day (12.25.15)_Pastor Brockman.LinkPastor Brockman.Christmas Day (12.25.15)_Pastor Brockman.12-25-15
Christmas II (1.03.16)_1 Ki 3.4-15Link1 Ki 3.4-15, Eph 1.3-14, Lk 2.40-52.Christmas II (1.03.16)_1 Ki 1-03-16
Feast of the Circumcision and Naming of Jesus (12.31.15)_Num 6.23-27LinkNum 6.23-27, Lk 2.21.Feast of the Circumcision and Naming of Jesus (12.31.15)_Num 12-31-15
Feast of the Epiphany (01.06.16)_President LangeLinkPresident LangeFeast of the Epiphany (01.06.16)_President Lange01-06-16
Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord (01.10.16)_Lk 3.15-22.LinkLk 3.15-22.Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord (01.10.16)_Lk 01-10-16
2nd Sunday after Epiphany (01.17.16)_Jn 2.1-11.LinkJn 2.1-11.2nd Sunday after Epiphany (01.17.16)_Jn 01-17-16
Epiphany 3LinkLk 4.16-30Epiphany 1-24-16
Epiphany 4LinkLk 4.31-44Epiphany 1-31-16
Feast of the Transfiguration (02.7.16)_Heb 3.1-6LinkHeb 3.1-6, Lk 9.28-36.Feast of the Transfiguration (02.7.16)_Heb 02-7-16
Lent I (02.14.16)_Lk 4.1-13.LinkLk 4.1-13.Lent I (02.14.16)_Lk 02-14-16
Lenten Catechesis I (02.17.16)_Private Absolution.LinkPrivate Absolution.Lenten Catechesis I (02.17.16)_Private Absolution.02-17-16
Lent II (02.21.16)_Lk 13.31-35.LinkLk 13.31-35.Lent II (02.21.16)_Lk 02-21-16
Lent III (02.28.16)_Ezek 33.7-20LinkEzek 33.7-20, 1 Cor 10.1-13, Lk 13.1-9.Lent III (02.28.16)_Ezek 02-28-16
Lent IV (03.06.16)_Lk 15.1-3LinkLk 15.1-3, 11-32.Lent IV (03.06.16)_Lk 03-06-16
Lent V (03.13.16)_Isa 43.16-21LinkIsa 43.16-21, Lk 20.7-20.Lent V (03.13.16)_Isa 03-13-16
Palm Sunday (03.20.16)_Jn 12.LinkJn 12.Palm Sunday (03.20.16)_Jn 03-20-16
Holy Thursday (03.24.16)_Jer 31.31-35NoneJer 31.31-35, Heb 10.15-25, Lk 22.7-20.Holy Thursday (03.24.16)_Jer 03-24-16
Holy Monday (03.21.16)_Passion of St. Matthew.NonePassion of St. Matthew.Holy Monday (03.21.16)_Passion of St. Matthew.03-21-16
Holy Tuesday (03.22.16)_Passion of St. Mark.NonePassion of St. Mark.Holy Tuesday (03.22.16)_Passion of St. Mark.03-22-16
Holy Wednesday (03.23.16)_Passion of St. Luke.NonePassion of St. Luke.Holy Wednesday (03.23.16)_Passion of St. Luke.03-23-16
Good Friday (03.25.16)_Isa 52.13-53.12LinkIsa 52.13-53.12, Heb 4.14-16, 5.7-9, Jn 18-19.Good Friday (03.25.16)_Isa 03-25-16
Easter (03.27.16)_Lk 24.1-12.LinkLk 24.1-12.Easter (03.27.16)_Lk 03-27-16
Holy Monday (03.21.16)_Passion of St. Matthew.NonePassion of St. Matthew.Holy Monday (03.21.16)_Passion of St. Matthew.03-21-16
Holy Thursday (03.24.16)_Jer 31.31-35NoneJer 31.31-35, Heb 10.15-25, Lk 22.7-20.Holy Thursday (03.24.16)_Jer 03-24-16
Easter 4 (04.17.16)_Acts 20.17-35LinkActs 20.17-35, Rev 7.9-17, Jn 10.22-30.Easter 4 (04.17.16)_Acts 04-17-16
Easter 5 (04.24.16)_Jn 13.31-35 - Pr. Kuhlman.LinkJn 13.31-35 - Pr. Kuhlman.Easter 5 (04.24.16)_Jn 13.31-35 - Pr. Kuhlman.04-24-16
Easter 6 (05.1.16)_Acts 16.9-15LinkActs 16.9-15, Rev 21.9-14, 21-27, Jn 16.23-33.Easter 6 (05.1.16)_Acts 05-1-16
Funeral Homily - Doris Rohloff (4.26.16)_Jn 11.32-45.LinkJn 11.32-45.Funeral Homily - Doris Rohloff (4.26.16)_Jn 4-26-16
Easter 7 (05.8.16)_Acts 1.12-26LinkActs 1.12-26, Rev 22.1-20, Jn 17.20-26.Easter 7 (05.8.16)_Acts 05-8-16
Eve of Pentecost (05.14.16)_Romans 8.12-17LinkRomans 8.12-17, 22-27.Eve of Pentecost (05.14.16)_Romans 05-14-16
Feast of Pentecost (05.15.16)_Gen 11.1-11LinkGen 11.1-11, Acts 2.1-21, Jn 14.24-31.Feast of Pentecost (05.15.16)_Gen 05-15-16
Feast of the Holy Trinity (05.22.16)_Prov 8.1-4LinkProv 8.1-4,22-31, Acts 2.14, 22-36, Jn 8.48-59.Feast of the Holy Trinity (05.22.16)_Prov 05-22-16
Pentecost 2 (05.29.16)_Lk 7.1-10.LinkLk 7.1-10.Pentecost 2 (05.29.16)_Lk 05-29-16
Pentecost 3 (06.05.16)_Lk 7.11-17.LinkLk 7.11-17.Pentecost 3 (06.05.16)_Lk 06-05-16
Pentecost 4 (06.12.16)_Lk 7.36-8.3.LinkLk 7.36-8.3.Pentecost 4 (06.12.16)_Lk 06-12-16
Pentecost 5 (06.19.16)_Lk 8.26-39.LinkLk 8.26-39.Pentecost 5 (06.19.16)_Lk 06-19-16
Pentecost 6 (06.26.16)_Lk 9.51-62.LinkLk 9.51-62.Pentecost 6 (06.26.16)_Lk 06-26-16
Funeral Homily - Al Matz (6.30.16)_Pr. Jahnke.LinkPr. Jahnke.Funeral Homily - Al Matz (6.30.16)_Pr. Jahnke.6-30-16
Pentecost 7 (07.03.16)_Lk 10.1-20 - Brockman.LinkLk 10.1-20 - Brockman.Pentecost 7 (07.03.16)_Lk 10.1-20 - Brockman.07-03-16
Pentecost 7 (07.03.16)_Lk 10.1-20.NoneLk 10.1-20.Pentecost 7 (07.03.16)_Lk 07-03-16
Pentecost 8 (07.10.16)_Lk 10.25-37.LinkLk 10.25-37.Pentecost 8 (07.10.16)_Lk 07-10-16
Pentecost 9 (07.17.16)_Lk 10.38-42.LinkLk 10.38-42.Pentecost 9 (07.17.16)_Lk 07-17-16
Pentecost 10 (07.24.16)_Lk 11.1-13.LinkLk 11.1-13.Pentecost 10 (07.24.16)_Lk 07-24-16
Pentecost 11 (07.31.16)_Lk 12.13-21.LinkLk 12.13-21.Pentecost 11 (07.31.16)_Lk 07-31-16
Pentecost 13 (08.14.16)_Lk 12LinkLk 12Pentecost 13 (08.14.16)_Lk 08-14-16
Pentecost 14LinkLk 13.22-30.Pentecost 1408-21-16
Pentecost 15LinkLk 14.1-14.Pentecost 1508-28-16
Pentecost 16LinkLk 14.25-35.Pentecost 1609-04-16
Pentecost 17LinkLk 15.1-10.Pentecost 1709-11-16
Pentecost 18LinkLk 16.1-15.Pentecost 1809-18-16
Pentecost 19LinkLk 16.19-31.Pentecost 1909-25-16
Pentecost 20LinkHab 1.1-4, 2.1-4; Lk 17.1-10.Pentecost 2010-02-16
Pentecost 21LinkLk 17.11-19.Pentecost 2110-09-16
Pentecost 22LinkGen 32.22-30, Lk 18.1-8Pentecost 10-16-16
Feast of St. James of JerusalemLinkActs 15.12-22, James 1.1-12, Mt 13.54-58.Feast of St. James of Jerusalem10-23-16
Pentecost 24LinkLk 19.1-10.Pentecost 2410-30-16
Feast of All SaintsLinkRev 7.2-17, 1 Jn 3.1-3, Mt 5.1-12.Feast of All Saints11-06-16
Pentecost 26LinkLuke 21.5-36Pentecost 2611-13-16
Last SundayLinkLk 23.27-43.Last Sunday11-20-16
Thanksgiving EveLinkLk 17.11-19.Thanksgiving Eve11-23-16
Advent ILinkJer 23.5-8, Rom 13.8-14, Mt 21.1-9.Advent I11-27-16
Advent IILinkMal 4.1-6, Rom 15.4-13, Lk 21.25-36.Advent II12-4-16
Epiphany 4LinkJonah 1.1-17, Rom 13.8-10, Mt 8.23-27.Epiphany 401-29-17
Epiphany 2LinkExod 33.12-23, Rom 12.6-16, Jn 2.1-11.Epiphany 201-15-17
Christmas EveLinkMidnight MassChristmas Eve12-24-16
Lessons and Carols 2016LinkGen 3:8-15, 22:15-18, Isa 7:14, 9:2, 6-7, 11:1-9, Mic 5:2-5a, Luk 1:26-35, 38, 2:1-7, 8-20, Matt 2:1-11, John 1:1-14Lessons and Carols12-24-16
Christmas DayLinkJn 1.1-18.Christmas Day12-25-16
Advent IVLinkJn 1.19-28.Advent IV12-18-16
Feast of the Circumcision and Naming of JesusLinkNum 6.23-27, Gal 3.23-29, Lk 2.21.Feast of the Circumcision and Naming of Jesus01-01-17
Advent IIILinkIsa 40.1-8, 1 Cor 4.1-5, Mt 11.2-11.Advent III12-11-16
Feast of the EpiphanyNoneEph 3.1-12, Mt 2.1-12.Feast of the Epiphany01-06-17
Feast of the Baptism of Our LordLinkJosh 3.1-17, 1 Cor 1.26-31, Mt 3.13-17.Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord01-08-17
Epiphany 3LinkMat 8:1Epiphany 301-22-17
Feast of the Purification of MaryLink1 Sam 1.21-28, Heb 2.14-18, Lk 2.22-40.Feast of the Purification of Mary02-02-17
Michael Brockman Life Sunday SermonNoneEx 1, 14Life Sunday01-29-17
Feast of the TransfigurationLinkExod 34.29-35, 2 Pet 1.16-21, Mt 17.1-9.Feast of the Transfiguration02-05-17
SeptuagesimaLinkExod 17.1-7, 1 Cor 9.24-10.5, Mt 20.1-16.Septuagesima02-12-17
SexagesimaLinkLuke 8.4Sexagesima02-19-17
QuinquagesimaLink1 Sam 16.1-13, 1 Cor 13.1-13, Lk 18.31-43.Quinquagesima02-26-17
Ash WednesdayLinkJonah 3.1-10, 2 Pet 1.2-11, Mt 6.1-21.Ash Wednesday03-01-17
Lent I - InvocabitLinkGen 3.1-21, 2 Cor 6.1-10, Mt 4.1-11.Lent I - Invocabit03-05-17
Midweek Lenten Catechesis - Confession and AbsolutionLink2 Sam 12.1-13, 1 Jn 1.5-2.2, Jn 8.1-11.Midweek Lenten Catechesis - Confession and Absolution03-29-17
Lent II - ReminiscereLinkGen 32.22-23, 1 Thess 4.1-7, Mt 15.21-28.Lent II - Reminiscere03-12-17
Midweek Lenten Catechesis - Lords PrayerLinkJob 42.7-9, James 5.13-20, Lk 11.1-13.Midweek Lenten Catechesis - Lords Prayer03-15-17
Midweek Lenten Catechesis - CreedLinkExod 3.1-15, Eph 1.1-14, Jn 17.1-26(1).Midweek Lenten Catechesis - Creed03-08-17
Lent III - OculiLinkExod 8.16-24, Eph 5.1-9, Lk 11.14-28.Lent III - Oculi03-19-17
Lent V - JudicaLinkGen 22.1-14, Heb 9.11-15, Jn 8.42-59.Lent V - Judica04-2-17
Palm SundayLinkJn 12.12-19, Zech 9.9-12, Php. 2.5-11, Mt 26-27.Palm Sunday04-9-17
Holy ThursdayLinkExod 24.3-11, 1 Cor 11.23-32, Jn 13.1-15, 34-35.Holy Thursday04-13-17
Good FridayLinkIsa 52.13-53.12, 2 Cor 5.14-21, Jn 18-19.Good Friday04-14-17
Easter Vigil: Paschal Homily of St. John ChrysostomLinkPaschal Homily of St. John Chrysostom.Easter Vigil: Paschal Homily of St. John Chrysostom04-15-17
EasterLinkJob 19.23-27, 1 Cor. 5.6-8, Mk 16.1-8.Easter04-16-17
Easter IILinkEzek 37.1-14, 1 Jn 5.4-10, Jn 21.19-31.Easter II04-23-17
Easter 4LinkIsa 40.25-31, 1 Pet 2.11-20, Jn 16.16-22.Easter 405-07-17
Lent IVLinkJohn 6.1Lent IV03-26-17
Feast of St. Philip and St. JamesLinkIsa 30.18-21, Eph 2.19-22, Jn 14.1-14.Feast of St. Philip and St. James5-1-17
Pr Kerns Lutheran Lecture Series 2017LinkGenesis 6Lutheran Lecture Series 201704-29-17
Easter IIILinkJohn 10.11-16Easter III04-30-17
Easter VLinkJohn 16.5-15Easter V05-14-17
Feast of the Annunciation of Our LordLinkLk. 1:26-38Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord 03-25-2017
Trinity ILinkLk. 16:19-31Trinity I06-18-2017
Trinity IILinkLk. 14:15-24Trinity II06-25-2017
Easter VILinkNum 21.4-9, James 1.22-27, Jn 16.23-33.Easter VI05-21-17
Feast of PentecostLinkGen 11.1-9, Acts 2.1-21, Jn 14.23-31.Feast of Pentecost06-04-17
Feast of the Holy TrinityLinkIsa 6.1-7, Rom 11.33-36, Jn 3.1-17.Feast of the Holy Trinity06-11-17
Feast of the VisitationLinkLk. 1:39-45Feast of the Visitation07-02-2017
Trinity IVLinkLk. 6:36-42Trinity IV07-09-2017
Trinity VLinkLk. 5:1-11Trinity V07-16-2017
Trinity VILinkMat 5:17-19,20-26Trinity VI07-23-2017
David and Erin Latimer Wedding HomilyNoneGen 2.7, 18-24, Col 3.12-17, Jn 15.1-13David and Erin Latimer Wedding08-05-17
Trinity 8LinkJer 23.16-29, Rom 8.12-17, Mt 7.15-23(1).Trinity 808-06-17
Trinity 8LinkJer 23.16-29, Rom 8.12-17, Mt 7.15-23(1).Trinity 808-06-17
Trinity 9Link2 Sam 22.26-34, 1 Cor 10.6-13, Lk 16.1-13.Trinity 908-13-17
Trinity 10LinkJer 8.4-12, 1 Cor 12.1-11, Lk 19.41-48.Trinity 1008-20-17
Feast of St. MaryLinkIsa 61.7-11, Gal 4.4-7, Lk 1.46-55.Feast of St. Mary08-15-17
Trinity 12LinkIsa 29.17-24, 2 Cor 3.4-11, Mk 7.31-37.Trinity 1209-03-17
Trinity 13Link2 Chr 28.8-15, Gal 3.15-22, Lk 10.23-27.Trinity 1309-10-17
Trinity 11LinkJonahTrinity 1108-27-17
Man Up, Not So From the BeginningLinkNoneGrace Mens Retreat09-15-17
Man Up, Ecce HomoLinkNoneGrace Mens Retreat09-16-17
Trinity 14LinkProv 4.10-23, Gal 5.16-24, Lk 17.11-19.Trinity 1409-17-17
Trinity 14LinkProv 4.10-23, Gal 5.16-24, Lk 17.11-19.Trinity 1409-17-17
Trinity 15Link1 Ki 17.8-16, Gal 5.25-6.10, Mt 6.24-34.Trinity 1509-24-17
Feast of St. MichaelLinkDan 10.10-14, 12.1-3, Rev 12.7-12, Mt 18.1-11.Feast of St. Michael09-29-17
Trinity 16Link1 Ki 17.17-24, Eph 3.13-21, Lk 7.11-17.Trinity 1610-01-17
Trinity 17LinkProv 25.6-14, Eph 4.1-6, Lk 14.1-11.Trinity 1710-08-17
Trinity 18LinkDeut 10.12-21, 1 Cor 1.1-9, Mt 22.34-46.Trinity 1810-15-17
Trinity 19LinkMat 9:1-8Trinity 1910-22-17
Festival of the ReformationLinkRev 14.6-7, Rom 3.19-28, Mt 11.12-19Festival of the Reformation10-29-17
Feast of All SaintsLinkRev 7.2-19, 1 Jn 3.1-3, Mt 5.1-12Feast of All Saints11-05-17
Trinity 22LinkMt 18.21-34Trinity 2211-12-17
Trinity 23LinkMt 22.15-22Trinity 2311-19-17
Thanksgiving EveLinkLk 17.11-19Thanksgiving Eve11-22-17
Advent IIILinkIsa 40.1-8^J 1 Cor 4.1-5^J Mt 11.2-11.Advent III12-17-17
Advent IVLinkJn 1.19-28.Advent IV12-24-17
Christmas Eve Lessons and CarolsLinkLessons and CarolsChristmas Eve Lessons and Carols12-24-17
Christmas Eve Midnight MassLinkMidnight MassChristmas Eve Midnight Mass12-24-17
Christmas DayLinkJn 1.1-18.Christmas Day12-25-17
Christmas ILinkLk 2.22-40.Christmas I12-31-17
Mid-Advent II - St. LucyNoneMid-Advent II - St. Lucy 12-13-17
Mid-Advent III - St. Katharina LutherNoneMid-Advent III - St. Katharina Luther 12-20-17
Feast of the Baptism of Our LordLinkJosh 3.1-17^J 1 Cor 1.26-31^J Mt 3.13-17.Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord01-07-18
Epiphany 2LinkExod 33.12-23^J Rom 12.6-16^J Jn 2.1-11.Epiphany 201-14-18
Feast of the TransfigurationLinkExod 34.29-35^J 2 Pet 1.16-21^J Mt 17.1-9.Feast of the Transfiguration01-21-18
SeptuagesimaLinkExod 17.1-7^LJ 1 Cor 9.24-10.5^LJ Mt 20.1-16.Septuagesima01-28-18
SexagesimaNoneLk 8.4-15.Sexagesima02-04-18
Advent ILinkJer 23.5-8^J Rom 13.8-14^J Mt 21.1-9.Advent I12-03-17
Advent IILinkMal 4.1-6^J Rom 15.4-13^J Lk 21.25-36.Advent II12-10-17
Feast of the Circumcision and Naming of JesusLinkNum 6.23-27, Lk 2.21.Feast of the Circumcision and Naming of Jesus12-31-17
The Feast of the Epiphany - Pr. LovettLinkMat 2:1-12The Feast of the Epiphany - Pr. Lovett01-06-2018
Last Sunday After TrinityLinkMt 25.1-13.Last Sunday After Trinity11-26-17
Feast of the Purification of MaryLink1 Sam 1.21-28^J Heb 2.14-18^J Lk 2.22-40.Feast of the Purification of Mary02-02-18
QuinquagesimaLink1 Sam 16.1-13^J 1 Cor 13.1-13^J Lk 18.31-43.Quinquagesima02-11-18
Ash WednesdayLinkJonah 3.1-10^J 2 Pet 1.2-11^J Mt 6.1-21.Ash Wednesday02-14-18
Lent I - InvocabitLinkGen 3.1-21^J 2 Cor 6.1-10^J Mt 4.1-11.Lent I - Invocabit02-18-18
Lent II - ReminiscereLinkGen 32.22-23^J 1 Thess 4.1-7^J Mt 15.21-28.Lent II - Reminiscere02-25-18
Memorial for Maynard Nelson NoneJn 11.17-27, 38-44Funerals2-3-11
Memorial for Janice Brack NoneIsa 25.6-9Funerals11-13-10
Memorial for Esther Nelson NoneMt 11.25-30Funerals7-8-11
Memorial for David Gardner NoneJn 10.11-16,27-30Funerals3-12-11
Memorial for Arlys (Perry) Sakata NoneIsa 25.6-8Funerals7-26-11
Homily for Von Eulert NoneJn 4.5-15Funerals9-8-10
Homily for Rex Fortine NoneJn 11.17-27Funerals2-25-12
Homily for Mylon Fredrickson, Grace NoneMk 5.35-43Funerals9-15-11
Homily for Margaret Schroeder NoneMt 8.5-13Funerals2-23-11
Homily for Louise Larson NoneJn 11.17-27Funerals10-2-10
Homily for Lorine Thrash, Grace NoneRev 21.3-4Funerals3-12-12
Funeral for Oliver Riffel NoneJn 10.11-16Funerals1-18-12
Funeral for Johnnie Ruble NoneJn 10.11-16Funerals1-19-11
Homily for Eugene Pralle, Trinity NoneIsa 61.1-3Funerals7-23-11
Memorial for Terry Rooker NoneIsa 40.25-31Funerals7-5-11
Wedding Homily for LanierNone1 Jn 4.7-12 Weddings6-19-11
Wedding Homily for MorseNone1 Jn 4.7-12 Weddings7-2-11
Wedding Homily for OsbornNoneGen 2.18-24 Weddings8-6-11
Wedding Homily for SchefferNoneCol 3.12-17 Weddings3-12-11
Wedding Homily for WilkerNoneSongs 8.6 Weddings8-20-11